CamoSystems Camouflage Field Net - Military Series

Camo Systems


When you have a large silhouette to conceal, this light, compactible camo netting fills the bill. CamoSystems™ Camo Unlimited Ultra-Lite Field Nets are quiet, generously sized, easy to deploy, and create a natural shine-free ''leafy foliage'' look. Nets can be lashed together to create any size you can find a use for. 100% waterproof; UV-treated; rot/mold resistant. Imported.• Reversible green to brown color combinations• Compactable• UV-treated• 100% waterproof• Rot/mold resistant• Natural shine-free ''leafy foliage'' look• 6m x 2.4m• 19ft 8in x 7ft 10in

SKU: 10097

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