TrueTimber Die-Cut 3D Leafy Camo Material



Get yourself and your gear concealed better with TrueTimber® Die Cut 3D Leafy Camo Material. This no-glare, 100% polyester material features proven TrueTimber camo patterns on both sides of the fabric along with die-cut leaves to help get you and your gear out of sight. Great for ground setups, ground, duck, or treestand blinds, ATVs, and anything else you want to blend into the landscape, this non-woven material offers great cover. Dimensions: 54"x12". Imported. 
•Great for concealing ground blinds, duck blinds, treestand blinds, duck boats, ATVs, and more
•Helps blend you and your gear into the landscape
•Die-cut leaves in lightweight, non-woven polyester
•No glare finish

SKU: 10090

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