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Rich-N-Tone--the leader in World Championship titles!
Simple, Versatile, Dependable, RNT calls do it all, from ringing hail calls to nasty bottom end duck to soft, up-close calling. Day in and day out dependability is the hallmark of RNT calls, giving you the flawless performance you demand--even under the most extreme conditions, With a commitment to your continued hunting success, RNT calls set the standard of excellence in both the field and on the World Championship stage.
Designed and built for the die-hard, hardcore waterfowler who demands true, consistent sounds and performance, even under the most extreme hunting conditions. Each call is individually tuned and tested to assure that you are blowing the highest quality, most effective, insanely realistic production call in the field. 

Absolute "Mint" Caller for Paradise Ducks

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